how we can help

Sleep is just the beginning

The Bus Shelter MK A warm, safe place to sleep, open every day of the year
Accommodation 16 bunks, a mailing address to access medical services
Support Opportunities through various activities or training.
Facilities Kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities.

Our Latest Events

5,800 safe nights a year for people sleeping rough in Milton Keynes

21 November 2016

Where it begins

There is a growing problem of homelessness in Milton Keynes and tragically three people died while sleeping on the streets in 2016.

18 January 2016

Setting up the charity

Tom Davis the founder and vice chair of The Bus Shelter MK and Rob Harriman at the YMCA for our first meeting

12 April 2017

Buying the bus

The Bus Shelter MK has acquired a double decker bus, fitted out to provide year- round temporary shelter for up to 16 people.